Review - "Hebrew Training"

"Hebrew Training" - Online Learning and Practice System for Hebrew

Our featured system is "Hebrew Training" - an online facility that helps people learn the Hebrew language.

Hebrew is spoken in Israel and it's also the language of the old testament. The Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Bible are written in Biblical Hebrew.

People interested in learning Hebrew include those that are new immigrants in Israel, Jewish people interested in reading and understanding the Torah and Jewish praying books, as well as many non Jewish, like Christians and Evangelicals, interested in reading and understanding the Bible in its original language.

The System - "Hebrew Training" was designed and developed by a group of Computer Scientists and Teachers. They were Olim (new immigrants in Israel), which means that they went through the difficulties of learning a new language themselves and know what works and what doesn't.

The system addresses the main aspects involved in learning a new language like reading, pronunciation, listening comprehension and writing. Specifically with Hebrew, reading is one of the first challenges one faces due to its differentiated alphabet. "Hebrew Training" addresses this very nicely.

System Features

Below is a list of "Hebrew Training's" main features:

Tutorials - a set of tutorials that cover important aspects of Hebrew, like sentence structure, grammar rules, tips, etc.

Exercises - each tutorial is followed by a set of exercises to help you assimilate the tutorial's topic. These exercises address aspects of reading, pronunciation, comprehension and writing.

Vocabulary - your vocabulary will grow step by step through a variety of exercises starting with singular words, moving to sentences and dialogs.

Verbs - a very special attention is given to verbs as this is one of the main aspects that govern the Hebrew language

Training Guidance - the system guides you through the curriculum, keeping track of your progress, suggesting the recommended sequence, reminding you of what needs to be reviewed, etc.

Songs - learning Hebrew through songs is at the same time very efficient and funny. You enjoy the songs while learning.

Target Audience

"Hebrew Training" can be used by those that are starting from scratch and by those that already have some previous knowledge. The training is divided by levels and you can start at the level that's more convenient for you.

Many students enrolled in an Ulpan use "Hebrew Training" as an additional mean for practicing Hebrew. Ulpan are Hebrew classes offered in Israel to new immigrants. These classes are very intensive and require one to do a lot of practice after classes; "Hebrew Training" has been very handy in helping with the required practice.

The system is available for English, French, Portuguese and Spanish speakers.


"Hebrew Training" is a subscription based system and they offer different packages. Their prices are affordable and there are no long term commitments. Subscriptions are paid monthly and can be cancelled online at any time; they also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


"Hebrew Training" distinguishes itself from the competition through its proprietary system of training guidance and special exercises. While most competitors are usually just a large set of words or sentences where students get lost without knowing where to start, "Hebrew Training" provides a well designed interface that drives the student through its content, taking into account each student's requirements and speed of assimilation. You can find additional information by visiting their web site at