Featured System

ReiOps - Real Estate Investors' Operations System

Our current featured system is ReiOps - an integrated and comprehensive system for real estate and note investors.

ReiOps was designed by real estate and note investors for the real estate and note investor, and developed by an experienced team of senior developers. ReiOps promise is to streamline the main activities that these investors need to go through.

ReiOps is divided in modules which address the different aspects of the business. Each investor will use and benefit from each of these modules in different ways, depending on the specific type of properties or notes that this investor invests in. In general, ReiOps addresses the various needs of investors investing in single family residences, commercial and multi-family properties as well as the needs of investors dealing with promissory notes.

Below is a list of the main areas addressed by ReiOps:

Buyers and Sellers Lists – allows you to easily keep track of your buyers and sellers.

Contacts Management – enables you to manage all your business relationships like Investors, Private Lenders, Brokers, and many more.

Properties – provides you with all the tools required to efficiently execute the tasks related to the acquisition of properties, like all due diligence steps, negotiations with sellers, etc. It also includes capabilities to track the properties already owned.

Comparables Analysis - Allows you to evaluate the fair market value of a property by comparing it with recently sold and listed properties of similar types.

Operations Analysis - Allows you to evaluate the fair market value of a property, normally a commercial or multi-family property, based on its generated income. ReiOps calculates for you several financial measurements like NOI, CAP rates and others which results in a final market value.

Deal Structure Analysis - enables you to simulate, evaluate and compare multiple deal structures. For each deal structure ReiOps will calculate returns, cash flows, and several other financial measurements allowing you to select the best deal you can offer to the seller.

Partnerships - complements the deal structure analysis module enabling you to simulate a partnership of multiple investors, each one with different levels of participation and returns.

Notes – The Notes module includes multiple analysis tools for the Promissory Notes investors enabling them to calculate the purchase value of a note based on several criteria like required yields, ITVs, etc. The Notes module also allows you to simulate loan modifications, partials, resale analysis and much more, both for performing and non-performing notes. This module integrates with the “Properties” modules to easily allow investors to define the “As Is” value of the property that guarantees the note.

Scripting - this is a very interesting module; it allows you to automate and standardize many tasks like seller screenings, note seller screenings, due diligence tasks and much more. By automating these tasks not only do you get to accomplish the tasks more efficiently but it also enables you to delegate these tasks to assistants which will be driven and guided by the scripts assuring a high level of standard in the work done.

Task Management - This module binds together all the other modules and makes your business run effectively. It gives you the power to fully control your business, measure its efficiency and evaluate the associated costs. The Task Management Module also automates all repetitive tasks like seller screenings, due diligences, etc. It assures that tasks are executed on time and alerts you when they are behind. It's almost like putting your business in auto-pilot.


As you can see, ReiOps covers a very large range of requirements for the Real Estate and Note Investors and addresses the needs of various Real Estate Investment types be it the ones that deal with single family residences, commercial and multi-family properties, or the ones that deal with promissory notes. You can find additional information by visiting their web site at http://www.reiops.com.